Mike and I brought Annie back two mini baby dolls from Lake Arrowhead…clearly we had guilt leaving her or we would have remembered that she is about to get a ton of tons in five days. One baby came in a crib and one came in a bathtub. Because both are super fun, Annie (hint, hint)!

Dec 2011

She is obsessed with the two little babies. She makes them play with each other and dance, and she takes them with her everywhere. But like a typical toddler, she’ll be playing with them and see something shiny, and then she wanders away from the babies. This is fine until she realizes she can’t FIND the babies, and then all hell breaks loose. We must drop everything until the babies are found!

This happens…five to twenty-seven times a day.

For some reason, the baby she always misplaces is the bath baby. And this baby, over the course of the three days she’s had it, has lost all its robe and diaper. Of course. This baby…needs clothes.

View from the back

The baby’s cup size makes me uncomfortable

Anyway, multiple times a day I devote time looking for “baf baby,” as Annie calls it. So far I have found it:

In the Annie Tree

In the fireplace…

Inside of Annie’s boot…

In our empty wine fridge…

This one took me about 25 minutes to find. I was ready to quit, when Rigby started digging at the baby wedged in the cushions.

It was a straight-up Lassie moment. “What’s that girl? The baby’s in the couch?”

I’ve never hated a toy so much, and she has toys that make noise! Lesson learned – never buy Annie a toy that is small enough to hide inside of…anything.

I’m giving away $250 to someone on Earth…maybe it’s YOU!