We are co-sleepers, even though that wasn’t what we planned. In fact, we thought it sounded like a BAD idea. And then we had kids. When Madeline was little, she slept in a bassinet, and then in her crib. We moved her into our bed when she needed overnight oxygen because we could make sure she wasn’t tangled in her tubing. And then, when she didn’t need oxygen, she somehow found her way into our bed…mostly because it was so great to have her there.

We’ve been co-sleeping with Annabel since she was eight weeks old. She was a great sleeper, going a solid eight hours a night, until teething started. Now she tosses. She flops. And she rolls onto her stomach and sleeps face down, like she is Bert or Ernie.

Ernie is perturbed at Bert’s unsafe sleep position.

This wouldn’t be a big deal except she can’t properly roll from her stomach to her back yet. Sooooooo…she either screams because she can’t get off her stomach, or she SLEEPS FACE DOWN LIKE SHE IS BERT OR ERNIE. Except she is NOT a MUPPET, so this is kind of an issue.

face plant

She has been taking naps in her crib for a while…not great naps, because she is NOT a great napper, but she will sleep for small stretches of time, around 45 minutes or so.

so tiny in the big crib

Annie is an interesting case. Maddie loved to snuggle at all times. Annie likes to snuggle on her OWN TERMS and I use CAPS because THAT IS HER ATTITUDE. In Utah, she wanted to snuggle with me overnight in bed, but at home she wants her space. But just to mix things up, when she wakes up and can’t see us? She is so pissed.

crib jail

As I write this, she is sleeping in her crib. Mike and I decided to try her in it for the night. We have mixed emotions. We love having her with us, but we’re feeling like she flops too much to be safe.

The other thing I’m struggling with is when to get her from her crib. Am I supposed to let her cry it out? With Madeline, we couldn’t let her cry too long because it always lead to an asthma attack.

sleepy babe

This is uncharted territory, people. And Mike is a big softy so I have to lay down the law (even though I wanna be the softy).

Is she too little to sleep train? It’s all so new to us. What are we supposed to do about this face-down thing?

And now she is screaming. GAH.

I don’t know if we can do this.