Maddie was a busy girl this weekend. She went with me to lunch on Saturday, then we ran some errands. On Sunday she went with Mike and me to a birthday party and then to into my office. I’m really glad that Maddie’s health is stable enough at the moment to allow all these excursions. We’ll have to be a little more cautious when cold and flu season comes around.

Most people that meet Maddie comment on how happy she is. And she really, really is just the happiest little baby ever. The only time she ever cries is when she’s hungry or we are physically forcing her to GO TO FREAKING SLEEP. She smiles at everyone she meets, and getting those cheerful pictures of her aren’t hard, because she has a perma-grin on her face.

Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer

Whenever someone says, “What a happy baby!” I usually say, “oh yeah, so far! But we’ll see when she gets older.” But now that she IS getting older, I’m realizing she might NOT always be my happy girl, and that scares me. She’ll get frustrated and angry and sad. She’ll be able to let us know how she’s feeling by using words. And while it will be amazing to hear her talk and know what’s going on in that head of hers, sometimes it’s nice to just see that smile and know happiness.

Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer

I’ll do everything I can to keep this smile on her face.

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