One of the things Mike was most afraid of before Madeline was born was changing her diaper. More specifically, changing her poopy diapers. Especially when I told him that girls have a lot of, um, crevices. But with guidance from the NICU nurses, he quickly became a pro (we both did).

You always hear about major runny blow-out diapers but we’d NEVER heard of babies being constipated! Unfortunately, Maddie was REALLY constipated. It started when we had to thicken her bottles so she wouldn’t spit up. She had hard painful stools because of all the rice in her diet. Luckily, she was old enough that we were able to add pears, prune juice, and the like to her diet.

Unfortunately, Annie has started to get constipated. Her stools are like paste and she works REALLY hard to get them out. I had the opportunity to ask some doctor experts for advice in the video below, but the constipation solution doesn’t exactly apply to us. She’s obviously too little for me to give her pears and peaches, so I ask all of you parent experts – what can I do to help her? I get so sad when she’s grunting  and turning red and straining to do her bidness.

Annie TOTALLY steals the show in this video.

if you can’t see the video above, click here

Yikes. A whole post about poop.