I’m suffering through another round of insomnia. It’s very frustrating. I’ve always been a night owl but after we moved, I started rising early, before the rest of the family. It was nice to have the whole day stretch out in front of me. Then I got sick before the new year and everything got all jacked up. I slept for…I dunno, maybe three straight days? And ever since, I can’t fall asleep like a normal person – or at least, like a normal Heather.  I am usually asleep by 2am, but for the last week I have stared out my bedroom window, watching as the sun changed the sky’s color.

I have been trying to use my awake time for good and not evil. I’ve been taking down Christmas decorations every night. I think I put up something new every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve…there is so much stuff! And for all the fun of putting up the decorations, taking them down is no fun at all. My sweet dad came over on New Year’s Day and took down all my outside decorations – the snowman, the lights, everything. I think he did it 95% out of kindness and 5% because he knew I was sick and wouldn’t be able to go on the roof with him. Annie is NOT doing well with the decorations coming down, even though I tell her that when all the Christmas stuff is gone it means her birthday is here. She’s like…”Christmas Birthday Cake?” Nice try.

DAMN. I should have made her birthday party Christmas themed! Next year.

Speaking of her birthday party…well, my insomnia is coming in handy there, too. I have been scouring pinterest, looking for food ideas, and as I search for different things I am coming across craft ideas and….I’ve been CRAFTING. My reputation is ruined! OK to be fair, I’ve done ONE craft (this balloon wreath, so easy), and cut out about 187 things from card stock. I am great with scissors. I secretly want to be really crafty but 1) I have a short attention span, 2) I already forgot number 2.

We asked Annie five different times, four different ways what she wanted her birthday party theme to be. “Annie, do you want a princess party, Dora the Explorer party, Yo Gabba Gabba party, or a rainbow party?” We’d shuffle the order, and every single time she said, “Gabba birthday! Gabba birthday!” That works out well because she already has a bunch of Gabba stuff we can use as decoration. WINNING.

Here is what a week of no sleep looks like:

That is vintage 2:23 am right there. Not one part of that picture that looks sane.

I think I need some unisom.