Some of you who know or care about these things probably figured out that part of the reason Mike and I went to San Francisco this weekend was for me to attend BlogHer (the other reason being Jackie!’s big hair-cutting party, which I am too emotional to write about right now). BlogHer (or BlogCamp, as I call it), for those of you that don’t know, is a big conference for women who blog about anything from politics to parenting to food to technology. It was very awesome and surreal to put faces to the blogs I’ve been reading.

So, what happens at BlogCamp? Well, there are seminars to attend, and they run the gamut from writing workshops to photography lessons to turning your blog into a book. And there are a lot of PR companies there handing you ridiculous amounts of free stuff, so much free stuff that you actually have to go buy another suitcase to take it all home. And, of course, there is socializing. I met a bazillion women, wore out some shoes dancing, and crashed a couple parties with friends new and old.

BlogCamp is supposed to be a learning experience, and I definitely learned a lot of things – things that don’t necessarily have to do with blogging.

-If you’re not having fun, you’re not trying to have fun
-Not everyone thinks being called a magical hobbit is cool
-I wouldn’t mind being called a magical hobbit
-You should always stand up for yourself
-Canadians have the Best. Candy. Ever.
-I’m still not good at paying attention to “teachers”
-LOLSpeak is a second language to me
-Always wear sunscreen
-I am The Queen at procuring free drinks
-I seem to gravitate towards people from Utah and Canada
-If you go outside your comfort zone, you won’t regret it

I’m really glad I went to BlogCamp. Being around so many amazing writers has already re-shaped the way I want to share my stories. I won’t feel silly anymore when I refer to myself as a writer. I feel a lot more legitimate. In my six years of blogging, this was the first time I felt like keeping a record of my life on the internet wasn’t something I should feel embarrassed about. In fact, it’s something that I’m proud of.

P.S. I’m guest posting for Black Hockey Jesus . I’m telling all his secrets.