I’m in a place where I have so much going on that I don’t even know where to begin. Last week, I was gone for five days to help celebrate Jackie!’s 30th birthday. She arranged for us to stay in a mansion on a vineyard in Napa Valley FOR FREE. I mean, look at this place:

Napa Paradise

Believe me, it didn’t suck. Well, there was one teeny tiny little thing that sucked…more specifically DOZENS of little sucky things. Mosquitoes. And if you remember, I’ve mentioned how badly I react to bug bites. And if you don’t remember – I REACT VERY VERY BADLY. I have bites all over my arms, hands, fingers, stomach, hip, back, and face. and they are just as swollen and disgusting as ever. I didn’t take pictures this time but I have a feeling some of the other ladies did, because they are evil and want to blackmail me. Anyway, believe me when I say they were gross and really painful and itchy.

So, back to Napa! We went to gorgeous wineries and sampled yummy wines and sparkling varieties and we even went in a cave. I sang the Batman song in the cave because I am twelve. But doood…it was coooool.

Bat Cave
And yes, those are just thousands of bottles of sparkling wine just SITTING THERE. Swoon.

The wineries are breathtaking. The grounds are impeccable and the weather was perfect.


candy cane flower

frog riddler

If it wasn’t for the bug bites I would have made Mike, Maddie, and Rigby move to Napa. That’s how awesome it was. But those bug bites assured me that I am a city girl, so I was pretty glad when we went to San Francisco for the most awesome 30th birthday party ever. Jackie! throws an amazing party. And look at how many people came. I am pretty certain there won’t be that many people at my 30th birthday party (note to Mike – it’s only six months and eight days away so I hope you’ve picked a location, caterer, and band).

Everyone Loves Jackie!

My favorite part of the weekend was spending so much time with Jackie! She started her next round of chemo this week AND went back to work. She makes my lazy butt look bad! She’s fancy.

Even though I had tons of fun, I couldn’t wait to see Mike, Maddie, and Rigby. And while it was great to see them, things were not so great in Southern California….

And yeah, I’m writing this in two parts. SUE ME. I’m tired from all the to be continued stuff!!!