I threw out my back last Friday. It’s totally bad timing, but not unexpected because my body loves to pull dick moves like this. Examples: getting sick during finals, getting my period before I go on vacation, crapping myself at the Lincoln Memorial. Dear body: I’ll get you back someday.

Mike and my dad had to do the bulk of the hard/heavy packing. I handled all the clothes, bedding, towels, and stuffed animals. And man, were there a lot of stuffed animals. I stuffed everything in garbage bags, partly because it was easier on my back, and partly because I just. didn’t. care. The joke is on me, because now I have 187 garbage bags in my garage and all they say on the outside is “Annie” or “Baby Room” or “Master.” I wasn’t even consistent with my labeling! Pathetic.

So yeah, the movers came yesterday and brought all our stuff to the new house. The movers…well, they got the job done. If by done, you accept your furniture looking like this:

my couch. in pieces. sideways.

That is my couch, in pieces, wrapped in plastic, sideways. And I was OK with this, because it took so long for them to load and unload the moving truck that I didn’t care if they left everything on the DRIVEWAY, I was paying by the hour and I just wanted them to FINISH. Everything is put together now, and the slooooow process of unpacking will begin tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday. I dunno. Unpacking sounds almost as unpleasant as packing.

Annabel has had not one problem with the move. She runs through the entire house, finding new things to explore at every turn, saying hi to her reflection whenever she sees it. She will need to adjust to sleeping in her new room, but that’s to be expected. Rigby, on the other hand, is a DISASTER. She got so frantic when we started packing that we had to get my mom and aunt to take turns dog sitting. She seems a lot better now that our stuff is here, but she is still super clingy and even follows me into the bathroom…which wouldn’t be a problem except Annie joins me in the bathroom half the time, and I NEED MY SPACE GAH.

I’m really looking forward to having everything put away, but with my back a mess I’m just going to relax here on the couch and sip on a cool drink while I supervise the unpacking process. I know, it sounds so hard, but I am up to the challenge.