Hey! Look at you! You are still here after all this time and we really appreciate that you are still checking in to see how we are doing. Heather and I (and Rigby and Maddie) really appreciate how our friends and family have supported us through this experience, and we can’t say enough about all of you. This has been really hard for us, and we want to THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Madeline is doing great in her second year (’07 & ’08), but does still have a few problems to overcome. While she is almost breathing without any assistance, which is awesome, eating is still a challenge for her.

She has been throwing up a bit after eating lately, but she has done well the last day or so. She’s up to 34 cc’s every few hours, and has done a good job fighting to keep it down. The nurses (who are great, by the way) all groan when she spits up, but the reality is…if you extrapolate what she is eating to the size of someone like me….she’s putting down a forty of milk every three hours! I couldn’t do that! Heck, last July 4th I ingested a forty of beer every three hours until, I’m sorry to say, I spit up. So my beautiful little girl is impressing the heck out of me!

To wrap this up, Maddie is much stronger than me and getting prettier each day, and we love you all so much. You’ve got us through, and, as a dude, that’s all the nice stuff I can say before I have to turn in my “dude” card! So cheers!