Maddie and I had a fun weekend sans Daddy. We went out to my parents’ house and stayed there for a few nights. It was nice to have help taking care of her, and it also allowed me to get some stuff done without having to tote a baby around everywhere. I managed to get a hair cut and it was soooo nice to sit there and relax while my head was massaged. There is just something about laying there while your head is getting washed that, for me, is the ultimate in relaxing. And, when I’m laying there on my back, my leftover baby belly is at its least noticeable! A definite plus.

Maddie went to her first birthday party this weekend. Her friend Reilly turned two! Reilly is the daughter of my oldest and bestest friend Tara. The party was at a park just a couple blocks from my parents’ house so I loaded Maddie in her stroller, put a leash on Rigby, and we walked there. Having a toddler birthday party at a park is a great idea. All that free entertainment! We parents (SO weird to refer to myself that way) watched the kids play on the grass and the jungle gyms (and this park has some seriously fun jungle gyms…I kind of wanted to play in them myself) while we ate food and talked. Maddie met lots of the people who had been praying for her, which was so great. I also let some of those people hold her, which was hard for me. Not because I think all those people are germy monsters but because I am still making up for lost time. Conversely, it was nice to eat my lunch without balancing a baby with one arm…so maybe there’s something to letting others hold her. I’ll have to study this further. After the party when it was time to walk home, the weather had turned from pleasant to hot, and did I mention that my parents live on a very steep hill? All that bed rest has left me sooo out of shape. See leftover baby belly above.

On Sunday my parents drove me to the mall so I could make a quick return while they waited in the car with the baby. As I ran through the mall (well, walked quickly, I don’t do running), I noticed the Easter Bunny sitting at his little Easter Bunny House and there was NO LINE. I thought, “aw, look at that poor Easter Bunny with nothing to do.” I continued on to the store and stood in line there to make my return, looking out at the Easter Bunny. A little family walked up and the kids arranged themselves on the Bunny’s lap and I thought, “It will be nice to do that someday when I have kids.” And then I remembered that I have a kid and I should go get her for a photo! I mean, it’s not like I FORGOT I have a child, she’s fed and clothed and all that. It just hasn’t really sunk in yet! ANYWAY. Maddie had her picture taken with the Easter Bunny, whom, I might add, looks totally stoned and a tad lecherous. Enjoy.