As I’ve mentioned, Annie is wedding obsessed. My mom and dad think this is hilarious, and constantly ask Annie questions about her wedding. I like to hope it’s because they are entertained by her imagination, and not secretly delighting in my semi-horror over the whole thing. Making me think that they are in the latter camp, my mom recently mentioned (in front of Annabel) that she’d watched the wedding video Mike and I had given them from our wedding. Annabel went crazy, asking to watch it every day. I have absolutely no idea where our copy of the DVD is, but my mom, ever helpful, brought over her copy for Annie to watch.

Annie insisted on getting dressed appropriately for the occasion.

watching our wedding

I hadn’t watched the video in ages…I think maybe four years ago I put it on once and watched it with Maddie. There were moments when I teared up seeing Jackie and my Aunt Kathy dancing away. But watching it with Annabel was a trip. She had questions, and she had comments.

“Mama, where is your veil? UGH, Daddy, Mommy didn’t wear a veil.” (She was seriously disgusted with me.)

“Why is Spencer there and I’m not?” (We explained birth order.)

“Why aren’t there more flowers?” (I thought there were plenty.)

“I wasn’t born yet for this movie.” (hahaha)

“Your dress isn’t long enough.” (I think she means my train.)

Such a critic! But then she got up and danced to the scenes from our reception, so clearly she approved of our music selections.

My mom also brought over a bag of things from our wedding that I literally hadn’t seen since the night I got married. I’d made a lot of the details of the wedding myself: the place cards, the menus, and the programs were all designed by me and carefully put together during lunch breaks and evenings at home.




I remembered laboring over the logo and save the date cards. I spent hours in the Dodgers copy room using the paper cutter. Our wedding had a Los Angeles theme, and I’d named every table after an LA Landmark that meant something to me and Mike. I printed a picture of every place and put it on each table, along with a description of why we liked the place on the back.

table labels

table label descriptions

table labels

table label descriptions

I think I did pretty well considering this was pre-pinterest!

I showed all of these things to Annie, and explained the places, the menus, the whole bit. She sat there quietly while I talked, turning different pictures over in her hands.

When I was finished talking she said, “Mama, can I see your wedding dress?”

I told her that my dress was at Gramma’s house, but she could look at more pictures of it if she wanted.

“Can we go to Gramma’s house, and you can wear it?”

I reminded her that things aren’t exactly fitting me right now, but that I would try it on for her after the baby comes. Then I said that I would save it for her, if she wanted me to.

“Save it? For me?”

“Yeah, in case you want to try it on or maybe even wear it to your own wedding.”

“Hmmm….no thank you, Mommy. I want to wear a veil when I get married.”

Well okay then.