This kid of mine, I tell ya. She is already a strong-willed little person who is going to make me crazy. She throws her food on the floor, shrieks if you aren’t within spitting distance, and insists on putting whatever you’re holding in her mouth.

But then there are days like today, where she cuddles, and she laughs at everything, and she dances and claps and just when you think she couldn’t get anymore awesome, she does this:

if you can’t see the video above, click here. Also, sorry about the, um, loudness. I was excited.

SHE DID IT! WOOO! She was standing a couple feet away from me, and just turned and took a step toward me and grabbed my leg. I immediately alerted Mike, and then we forced her to toddle drunk-like back and forth between the two of us while we cackled like hyenas.

It was awesome.

yeah, I'm walking, so?
Yeah, I told you fools I could walk if I wanted to!

I’m so glad that she followed my strict instructions to walk before her first birthday. I’m all about the achieving up in here!

She is now allowed to turn one.