I’ve been wanting to write about the mundane stuff that’s been going on here lately. But HELLO it’s mundane for a reason. But, you know, I like to keep track of this crap so when Madeline is older she can look back and be like, “wow. My mom was really bored.” No, Maddie. Not bored. Hopped up on twelve Diet Cokes. There is a difference.

I had all these grand plans to get my house nice and orderly now that I’m the stay at home parent. Every night I think, “tomorrow I am going to tackle the pile of unpacked suitcases!” But then I get no sleep, because Maddie is teething hard. Lather, rinse, repeat.


On a related note, lack of sleep also relates to my own personal cleanliness.


I need someone to explain something to me. How do stay at home parents not go into crazy debt? Not because of the whole single-income thing, but because of the shopping-out-of-boredom thing? Every day I have to try to resist going to the mall. Let me explain the PROS of going to the mall. I shower (usually), I get out of the house, Maddie & I get fresh air, I interact with adults, people tell me my child is cute. And okay, fine, I get pretty new things. The graph below can explain the CONS.


Thank goodness I still have some gift cards!

Finally, I am on an unoriginal New Year’s diet. It is not going well.


mmmmmmm, cooking sugars.

thanks to Crappy Graphs for the graph-making tool.