Since my parents were packing up their entire house, my mom came across stuff she hadn’t seen in years. She made a huge pile of stuff for me and my brother full of amazing old things like yearbooks, old teddy bears, and porcelain dolls. One of the things that immediately caught my eye was a bag of old baby and toddler clothes that had once belonged to my brother and me.

I have a few items of my old clothes, and Annabel and Madeline both wore them when they were babies. My mom discovered a few things that Annie can wear now, and of course, Annabel was thrilled. She flipped over my old Minnetonka Moccasins:

my old shoes

It was also sweet to see her in the hat I’d worn (not sure where the rest of the outfit is):

my old hat

Scottish Heather
Those bangs are a crime against humanity.

But she absolutely lost her mind over this old Halloween costume of mine:


It was still in amazing condition.


I was pretty excited to see some of my brother’s old clothes. James obviously won’t wear anything of mine, but I think it’s cool he can wear something that once belonged to my brother – especially since a few of the pieces were matchy-twinsie with things I once wore. He can’t fit in much yet, but I thought this was cute:

kyle's old shirt

This is still a little big, but sooo adorable:

kyle's old outfit

He’s ready to captain your ship!

My favorite was the other sailor suit from the bunch, because I had the perfect matching picture to go with it:

lil sailors

I give my parents props, because I don’t think I ever would have been able to resist dressing twins in matching clothes. And I say that as a twin who absolutely hated being even remotely dressed like my brother once we were older. But how can you resist the coordinating outfits on cute little kids? I cannot! I am not made of stone.

The clothes James doesn’t fit into yet are amazing – so totally 80s with their velour fabrics and colors. I can’t wait. In the meantime, Mike’s parents have to find some of Mike’s old clothes! How cute would some side by side pictures of James and Mike in the same outfit be?!