I love me some holiday cards. Every day since Thanksgiving I’ve been eagerly running down to our mailbox, hopeful there will be cards addressed to the family. Believe me when I say that if there isn’t a card, my day gets a little dimmer (dudes, I don’t have a job, remember? It’s the small pleasures!).

The last two years were too crazy to send holiday cards, so I wanted to make sure I made a splash with our cards this year. Or, at the very least, improve on the last card we sent out in 2005.

holiday 2005

The text below the photo said, “kiss me at midnight!”

It took me almost two hours to get that shot, so you can imagine how skeptical Mike was when I told him what I was planning to attempt for this year’s card. But before I get to that, I have to show you our GROWN UP card. You see, some people didn’t appreciate the picture of Rigby on her way to a New Year’s party (I don’t name names, but if you know his mom’s name you can insert it here). I had the opportunity to design and review cards through Minted.com (you can see my review at Hot Mom Reviews), but I had to have my cards done by October. I wasn’t really in the creative holiday mood at that point, so I went with this perfectly lovely design.

our pretty card

It’s nice. Mike’s mom loves it.

Anyway, this year’s card is my favorite. Of course, I don’t know if I will ever actually send them out, since UPS keeps saying they attempted to deliver the cards, and I keep saying that they are flat out LYING. But I digress.

I thought it would be impossible to get Rigby to stay still long enough for the pictures. I was wrong. Rigby allowed me to put all sorts of accessories and costumes on her, without even trying to run away. Rigby got LOTS of treats that day.

Madeline, on the other hand…she was not as agreeable. That is why you don’t work with animals OR babies.

I’d hoped to show the card on the internet today, but thanks to FREAKING UPS, I’m holding off. I want everyone to be surprised when they open their envelopes. So hopefully UPS will stop making up lies and deliver my freaking cards already!

Don’t worry, I’ll post the card soon. It’s worth the wait. Believe me.

If you like holiday cards like I do, click the link below to see more.

Oh – tomorrow I’m writing about Mike’s new job! He asked me to hold off one more day.