Hi Everyone,

It’s Mike here. Heather asked me to write a quick update for her as she’s under the weather. She has a really bad headache, a fever, and has had trouble keeping down food and fluids. She’s napping now and successfully drank a little Gatorade, so hopefully she will feel better soon. Obviously, with her being pregnant I need to keep an eye on her, but a little rest might do the trick.

Today was hard…when we feel great physically we still find ourselves a wreck emotionally most of the time, so you can imagine how Heather’s emotional state was today. When I took her computer to write this update I saw that she had many open windows on its screen, all of which were of pages showing photos of Maddie on Flickr, videos of Maddie on Youtube, old posts about our best days with her. Clearly, Heather been hurting over Maddie a great deal today. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to make her feel better about that. All I can do is stand by her side and be quick to offer her some more Gatorade or a cold towel for her forehead.

I wish I could do more.