It’s preschool enrollment time around these parts. I had no idea because I live under a rock and I constantly forget that Annabel isn’t five months old. I mean, I know she isn’t, a five month old wouldn’t roll her eyes at me or say NO! to every question, but you know what I’m saying. She’s still my widdle baybee.

Anyway, Mike and I have been talking about it and we’ve decided to start her when she’s three and a half, which means I have a year until my friend Tara reminds me again that it’s preschool enrollment time. Mark your calendar please, Tara. My child’s entire educational career is depending on you.

The one thing we definitely want to do in the interim is get Annie signed up for some different classes. I’ve wanted to do this since we moved here, but wanting and doing are two different things and I’m a slacker. I was reminded of this when I got the local parks and rec community classes schedule in the mail a few days ago. I’ve been looking at all the options, and there are a lot, including many with the suffix of, “with mommy!” Like, “learn to paint with mommy!” or, “introduction to preschool with mommy!” or, “self-defense with mommy!” Kind of weird, but whatever.

I really want to get Annie in some kind of dance class. I was watching “Smash” the other night and I was lamenting to Mike that I never really auditioned for anything other than choirs and the like. Then I saw Katharine McPhee’s character had to learn a dance to go with her song and I was like, “oh yeah, I never could have done that.” I can’t dance. So I obviously am putting all my shortcomings into my kid, yaaaaay stage mom. Not like putting her in a dance class will be some kind of water torture:

singing and dancing

dancing in the mirror

dancing in the mirror
Some parent stick their kids in front of the TV. I stick mine in front of a mirror. If I could find a mirrored TV, life would be perfect. 

Anyway, of COURSE the local community center doesn’t HAVE a dance class for a two year old. Not even “dancing with mommy,” (which is probably good because many children would be harmed by watching me dance). So then I thought I’d put her in gymnastics…and the minimum age for that is three. Apparently there are tons of classes for kids 0-2, and then for three and up. Two year olds are being discriminated against! OK, there is a class where you go on a hike (with mommyyyyyy) but I stopped reading the description because HA the only hike I’m going on is to Topanga Plaza Mall (oy it’s such a hike!).

This obviously isn’t the end of the world, there’s a local gymnastic place and I’m sure there are 187 dance places nearby. It would have been nice to pay community center prices, though. I just want her to try new things with other kids her age, and to learn to listen to adults other than the ones she’s related to and UGH I should just enroll her in preschool, shouldn’t I.

you want to dance?
duh, mom

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