We’ve cruised through our second month of James.

James, Month Two
month one is here

weight: 11 pounds, 5 ounces
length: 23 inches
head: 16.25 inches
hair: thinning

James is following in the grand Spohr Child tradition of having a giant head. His height and weight are in the 25th-50th percentiles, but his head is in the 97th. When Mike asked Dr. Looove if that was something to be worried about, she looked at him and said, “Well, his sisters’ heads are always at the top of the charts…plus your head is pretty big…so no, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.”

James, Month Two
James is like, “BURN!”

James smiles at me all the time, and he’s even started to make the sweetest coo/giggle you’ve ever heard in your life. His favorite place to sleep is on my chest. In fact, that’s where he’s sleeping right now, while I type this. I love wrapping my arms around his body while I listen to him breathe in and out.

James, Month Two

He’s gained three pounds in a month. He’s lost his newborn monkey face and now looks like a sweet little human baby. He’s starting to get chubby cheeks and thick thighs, which makes me so happy. Chubby babies are the cutest things. His hair is thinning out, and the regrowth is coming in light. Depending on the light, he looks as blonde as his oldest sister.

James, Month Two

James has started giving us a really great stretch of sleep at night. He’ll fall asleep around 9, and then I wake him at midnight to try to get him to eat a little more before I go to bed. After that, he usually sleeps until about 5am, and it is awesome. Once I get him to sleep six-hour stretches, life will get soooo much easier.

I remember the third month being a lot of fun with the girls, so I am excited to see what changes the next thirty days will bring to my Cool Baby James.

James, Month Two