Annabel is two months old already. Time is flying and blah blah blah, but I’m actually really glad to have the first two months done. I understand all her noises, I know how to make her smile, I understand how she ticks. I feel like I have my early anxiety much more in check (although there is still plenty). Annie is a very easy baby but those early growth spurts were brutal.

My dad took a picture of Mike, Annie and me on Sunday. It’s nice to have a picture of the three of us where one of us isn’t freshly birthed or operated on.

Daddy, Annie, Mommy

Yesterday morning it was time for Annie’s monthly photo session. When I look at last month’s picture, it really drives home how much she’s changed.

Annabel, Two Months

She had her two month well-baby visit yesterday after her photo session. Dr. Looove checked Annie out and was very pleased with how she’s growing. Annabel now weighs nine pounds 14 ounces, is 22 inches long, and her head is 15 inches around. She’s in the 25-50th percentile for everything. Dr. Looove could have told me Annie was in the 100th percentile and I would have believed it. She seems sooooo big to me, all chubby with rolls and folds everywhere. And don’t get me started on the giant Spohr head.

Annie did get her two month vaccines today, which also let us check on the status of her vocal chords. Verdict: working just fine. She did a lot of cuddling and sleeping the rest of the day. Her favorite place was in my shirt.

So tired

It is so hard to be a baby.

The amazing design for the Marching for Maddie gear is done thanks to my fantastic friend Colleen!

Marching for Maddie 2010 Shirt Design

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