It's my birthday

That’s right, kind reader. Today, June 27th, is my birthday. It’s also my brother’s birthday (we’re twins and NO we are NOT identical). I’m 29 years old – yes, actually 29. I’ve always thought 29 was a “fake age.” You know, people who are turning 30 always claim they are turning 29 again. Well, not me. At least, not this year.

A year ago, on June 26th, a Perinatologist told me that my baby (you may have heard of her? Madeline?) was perfectly developed. This came on the heels of my OB telling me that I was going to miscarry. I took this picture on that day:
My baby and me
This was the first time I was told there was a chance I might actually get a baby out of the pregnancy. That was all I needed to hear. I latched onto the doctor’s words. I was determined to believe I would have a child, and it would be from THAT pregnancy. I realize now what a complete Pollyanna I was. I remember being in the waiting room, clutching the locket that held a picture of my grandmother. I made a deal with The Powers That Be that day: Give me my baby, and I won’t ask for anything else. Of course, I renegotiated that deal this week. Still, I know Mike looked at me in the waiting room, talking to The Powers That Be, and was so scared. This is going to sound so stupid, but I just knew that nothing bad would happen to me on my birthday.

I’m typing this with my little Maddie on my lap. I know I said my ‘fro was the best present ever, but I lied. The hope that my daughter could possibly survive is the gift I will cherish more than anything.

So, while I am blatantly stealing this idea from Casey (who, by the way, is having an awesome contest you should enter), the sentiment is the same. What is the best thing that’s happened to you lately? Jackie! and I want to hear really awesome things. Maybe you got a pedicure. Maybe you won the lottery! Or, maybe you’re my friend Rage and you ate two sausages at Target Birthday. Let us hear it! I accept anonymous comments, you know (but don’t be a stranger – at least sign your name!). At the very least, wish Kyle a happy birthday!!!

My birthday wish, besides Jackie!’s health, is that everyone has something happy they can latch onto, just like I had last year.