Dr. Looove is out of town all this week and next, so Annie won’t have her two-year well-baby visit until the second week of February. The nerve of Dr. Looove to go on vacation right now! I can’t wait that long to do Annie’s 24-month round up so, as Annie would say, “I DO IT MYSELF!!!”

2 years old

weight: 30 pounds 8 ounces
height: 36 inches
head: 20 inches
hair: borderline dreadlocks

(month onemonth twomonth threemonth fourmonth fivemonth sixmonth sevenmonth eightmonth ninemonth tenmonth elevenmonth twelvemonth fifteen, month eighteen)

According to my handy app that I use to keep track of Annie’s growth, she is in the 89th percentile for weight, the 94th percentile for height, and the 97th for head size. She gained a little more than a pound in six months, but she grew two and a half inches. She’s losing all that delicious baby chub! It makes me a little sad. Annie really isn’t a baby anymore.

2 years old

My mom subscribes to those emails, “My Toddler This Week” and she loves telling us that Annie is right on target with her behaviors. There are some things I wish she was more advanced in. Like…sleeping through the night (she still wakes up screaming sometimes) or…conflict resolution (yelling at the dog solves nothing).

This was our first green chair photoshoot in our new house. She now can climb into the chair herself, and knows how to make it spin and rock. I’d readjust the chair, only to have her start wiggling and moving it around again. Instead of grabbing the blocks, she very carefully made sure they were lined up properly.

2 years old

The lens on my camera also started acting funny about halfway through the shoot, but I didn’t know the extent until after (fuzzy out-of-focus pictures, boo). I think for a belated birthday present Annie needs a new camera lens, don’t you agree, Mike?

I went back through her old monthly shots and was unsurprisingly blown away by how much she’s changed.

four days old
four days old

Oh hi! I'm six months old!
six months old

12 months
twelve months old

18 months old
eighteen months old

2 years old
twenty four months old

We’re at the point now where these green chair photos will only be taken once a year, on her birthday. She really isn’t a baby anymore (I have to keep reminding myself).