All of your comments and well wishes for Jackie! made me cry. Thank you so much for caring about my friend! I don’t know if any of you saw, but not only did Jackie! read every comment but she left one of her own thanking everyone. I remember how overwhelmed and uplifted I felt when I’d hear that people I didn’t know were praying for me and Maddie. The kindness of strangers is a fabulous thing. I am deeply grateful to you all.

I spoke with Jackie! today. She is consulting with a neurosurgeon (heretofore known as McDreamy, because I am unoriginal) and getting lots of opinions on what the next step should be. She’s in great hands (don’t say “that’s what she said!”). Mike, Maddie, and I have previously-planned trips to the SF Bay area scheduled for next weekend and July 16th – 20th. I don’t know how she’ll manage to squeeze us in, because it sounded like she was in the middle of a party when I spoke with her. Everyone loves Jackie! I am really looking forward to getting some face time with her.

It was so great to hear Jackie’s! voice. I asked her how she was doing, and she said, “Well, I have a lot on my mind.” This is why Jackie! is awesome!!! I told her I am totally stealing that joke if I ever have a brain tumor. We decided that she should start a blog, and threw out possible names like, “Got Tumor?” or “Tumor Talk” or “Notes From Turk.” Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that her tumor has a name? It’s Turk. We hate Turk. She also told me that having a seizure at work is a sure-fire way to make sure HR doesn’t give you crap about going on disability. That Jackie! Always planning ahead.

If it’s okay with her, I will post Jackie! updates on here from time to time. Like she said, the more prayers the better. I’m still trying to convince her to start her own blog, “Brain Warts.” Man, I need to work on my titles. “Turk on my Mind,” maybe? Jackie?! Have I convinced you yet?