Annabel has been obsessed with bicycles ever since she saw a clip of one of the muppets riding one on Sesame Street. When Mike’s parents asked us what they could get Annie for her birthday, we told them a tricycle would be perfect. We went online and found one that could grow with her. When she opened it she freeeeaaaaked out. “BICYCLE BICYCLE BICYCLE!!!” Since she got a bunch of other toys, we put the trike off to the side, and then we got sick, and yadda yadda I finally put it together a couple of days ago during her nap time.

It was love at first ride:

this is so neat!
She is looking in the mirror, her favorite pastime.

We explained to her that she always has to wear her bike helmet when she’s on the trike. I’ve been putting it on her for short bursts of time for the last week, slowly tightening the chip strap so she gets used to it. She’s done surprisingly well with her “bicycle hat,” as she calls it. Yesterday afternoon, she walked over to me and said, “go on bicycle?” She’d put her helmet on, backwards. I couldn’t say no to that so into the backyard we went.

She doesn’t really understand the pedals yet, so Mike spent some time pushing her around (yay for an adjustable handle).

a push from daddy

They started slow at first, and then he started going a little faster:


Mike stopped pushing at one point to take a breath, and Annie discovered the play phone attached to the handlebars. Nothing like sending the message that talking on the phone while operating a moving vehicle is ok!

and then I says
I got a new bicycle!

bike phone
I did NOT see that episode of Sesame Street!

bike phone
This is extremely troubling news.

I put my camera down so I could take a turn pushing her, and Annie pointed at me and said, “Mama! NO! Annie PEEKSHURES.” I said back, “You want me to take your picture?” “Yes mama. Annie peekshures.” So I told her to smile and she gave me this:

ok I will pose for you
I’ll take it.

Since I was appointed the peekshure taker, Mike had to continue pushing her around the backyard.


Every now and then we would stop and put her feet on the pedals to try to teach her how to make the trike go on her own power. She’d leave her feet there for a second, then turn to Mike and say, “Daddy push.” After doing this seven or eight times, she started to get cranky. I don’t know what her deal was, Mike was doing all the work. I decided it was nap time, and told Annie we were going inside. She JUMPED off the trike, but instead of going toward the back door she ran in the opposite direction.

no no no no no!

don't wanna go insiiiiiiide
No go insiiiiiiiiiiide!

you are the meanest ever I hate you!
How did I get so unlucky to get the two of you as parents?

Of course, she immediately fell asleep for a nap. So did Mike. I love this tricycle.