As predicted, we spent a ton of time in the water yesterday. We went to a party at our friends’ house, and after Annie spent some time playing with toys, she made a beeline for the pool. Sidebar, why is it that the exact same toys my daughter ignores at home are SO! SUPER! FUN! at someone else’s house? Dang kids. Anyway, we started her in the kiddie pool…mostly because we could.


But eventually she caught on, and demanded to go into the real pool. Mike was happy to oblige.


She swam until her toes were teeny tiny prunes. In fact, she swam so long she actually asked to get out, which might be a first.

thumbs up
Annie, show me your thumb!

All day I kept trying to get Annie to say, “Happy Birthday to America!” but she would repeat back, “Happy Birthday, Princess Merida!” as in the heroine from the movie Brave. I corrected her at first, but she was so excited about it being Princess Merida’s birthday that there was no stopping that runaway train. She confused a lot of people.

When we got home the fog was rolling in, so we grabbed some warmer gear to wear for the fireworks. Annie found a hat and insisted on wearing it. Then she said, “Take my picture, Mama!”

ready to watch fireworks

cool mo dee

We met up with my parents and Tara and her family. The kids were so happy to see each other, it’s so cute.

the kids

They chased each other and ate crackers until it was time for the show:

look at the fireworks!

I didn’t bring my “big” camera with me. I wanted to be more present. I sometimes spend so much time making sure the shot is perfect, I end up missing the moment. Instead, I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone, then put it back in my pocket and enjoyed the show. The kids provided the perfect soundtrack of “oooohs” and “aaaahs” and “Where’d my crackers go?!”

When we got home, Annie fell asleep immediately, so it was the best day ever.

Happy birthday, Princess Merida!