Annabel has totally come around to me. Gone are the days where Daddy was the king and I was chopped liver. She might prefer Daddy for some things (after all, he can pick her up and spin her around, something I can’t do at all these days), but she has been choosing me over him a lot lately. I am eating it up, because I know once the baby gets here, I will have to divide my attention. Also, I like to remind Mike all the time that I am the current favorite, nah nanny nah nah.

I was invited to a baby shower this past Saturday, and my little shadow Annie “helped” me get ready. She brushed my hair, told me which dress to wear, and even instructed me on which pair of shoes to wear. “Mama, you look so pretty for your party!” Then her face changed, and I knew what she was going to say but I couldn’t stop her. “Mama, can I go with you?” I explained to her that it was a Mama Party, and that it was for grown ups like Mama and her friends. She asked me who was going to be there, so I listed the names which, in retrospect, was a bad idea because she loves all of her “aunties.” She had a few more questions, but then she abruptly turned and ran away. The silent treatment.

I grabbed my purse and the shower gift, said goodbye to Mike, and walked to the front door…where I saw her looking almost exactly like this:

Blocking the door, screaming "NO! I GO WIF YOU!!!"

“MAMA! I want to go WITH you! PLEASE Mama! PLEASSSSSE!”

I told her all the fun things Daddy had planned. The park! A movie! But she was upset, and insisting on going with me.

I heard Mike come up behind me.

“Hey Annie. If you let Mommy leave, I’ll give you this Hershey Kiss.”

Annie peered around me. “Is that chocolate?”

Mike confirmed that it was.

“Bye, Mama!” And she ran off with her Hershey Kiss.

Ever since then Mike has reminded me that Hershey’s Kisses are, in fact, the current favorite. Nah nanny nah nah.