Annie has been fascinated by my camera for some time now. Whenever I take a picture, she immediately wants to see the image on the back. She loves sitting on my lap when I upload photos – she shrieks and claps and is super-happy.

During one of my 87 pre-Christmas trips to CostCo I saw one of those little kid cameras marked down on a special sale. I knew Annie would love it so I threw it in my cart.

On Christmas morning, Annie unwrapped the camera and shouted, “Oh boy! Pishures!” I opened the box and handed her the camera, and she was off snapping immediately. I tried to give her instruction, and then I realized it was unnecessary. She’d already figured the thing out. Kids these days, man.

She was pointing her camera at things and yelling, “Cheese! Smiiiiiiiile!” It’s like she is imitating someone or something.

I was finally able to wrestle the camera away from her yesterday to look at her pictures. I was excited to see her point of view. And, it turns out her point of view is 90% black screen. OK not really, but there are a LOT of pictures of the ground.

the ground, by annie

She did actually get some good shots. The camera has 1.3 megapixels, which makes the quality pretty bad. On top of that, Annie doesn’t really understand the whole, “holding the camera still” part. I think it all adds to the charm of the pictures. If you think “feeling seasick” is charming.

daddy, by annie
Christmas day Daddy

uncle kyle, by annie
Uncle Kyle

the adults, by annie
grown ups

lights, by annie
painting with light

elmo, by annie

piano keys, by annie
piano keys

When I uploaded these photos onto my computer, Annie clapped and cheered.  “Annie pishures! YAAAAY!” She’s her own biggest fan.

I am looking forward to the day I upload her pictures and see a real gem in there. In the meantime, I will spend all my free-time deleting pictures of the ground. They don’t make it easy to delete photos! I should ask Annie for help.