James is three months old!

three months old
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weight: 13 pounds, 9 ounces
length: 24.25 inches
head: 17.25 inches
hair: early stages of male pattern baldness

My little chubster gained over two pounds in the last month. It’s not surprising, because he eats all the time. I’m not complaining, though: his chunk is my favorite thing. He also grew over an inch in length and, unsurprisingly, an inch in head circumference. The noggins on my kids, man.

three months old

This month, we learned that James does in fact know how to cry. That being said, he rarely uses his voice for anything other than laughing and cooing. He’s such an easy-going, happy little guy.

three months old

He loves tummy time now, and really likes sitting on my lap, facing the room. His favorite thing to look at is Annabel, but he also watches Rigby like a hawk. His neck is pretty strong, especially considering the size of the melon on top of it. I think he’ll start rolling from his back to his tummy in the next few weeks. He’s sooooo close.

three months old

I’ve been working on transitioning James to his crib. For the most part, he’s been sleeping in a Rock n’ Play Sleeper next to my bed, which has been AMAZING. I wish I’d had one for the girls. But, he’s approaching the age and weight limits, so I’ve started putting him in his crib for naps during the day. He doesn’t love it…the Rock n’ Play is very cozy, so it’s weird for him to be in a wide-open bed (he has never liked being swaddled). Once he’s happy with his naps in the crib during the day, I’ll start putting him in his crib at night, too. I don’t want to mess with him too much all at once, because he’s sleeping for eight-hour stretches at night. I KNOW! Neither of the girls slept that long at this point, so this is really amazing.

James Month 3

A quarter of a year is done already, I can’t believe it. Oh how I love this sweet little boy.