Mike was out of town the last few days, and after spending most of those days in the house cooped up with croup girl, I knew Annie and I had to get out of the house. Her barking cough is gone, replaced by a bit of congestion. Thank goodness! (It’s still bad at night, though, so I’m very happy that Mike is back to help me on night duty.) My friends Leslie and Matt were bringing their two boys to the huge farm that’s close to my house for the annual Fall Festival. They invited us along and Annie and I jumped at the chance to leave the house.

Having been to this farm before, I knew to bring my own wagon. Annie insisted on pulling it at first…

pulling the wagon

…until she realized running away from me was more fun. Then I plopped her butt down in the wagon and strapped her in.

The first thing we did was grab front row seats for the pig races. Yes. We were fifteen minutes early for the race, which could have been a huge disaster because toddlers aren’t exactly known for their patience, and we had three of ’em. But, they were all hugely excited for the PIGGIES. It also helped that there was kid-friendly music on the loudspeakers that Annie could boogie to.

There were three pig races, and our section of the audience was assigned the green jersey. The pigs had clever names like Lindsay Lo-ham and Christina Hog-ulera. The first two races, our pig was terrible. It didn’t even want to go in the mud pit, and I’m pretty sure pigs are required by law to like mud.

pig races

Then for the last race, the show runners put hurdles out for the pigs to JUMP over. I was like, great. Jumping pigs. I am city folk, I like my pigs on the ground or on my plate, you know? Then the race starts and holy crap.

White pigs CAN jump!

Our pig won that race, holler! I mean, oink!

Annie lost her mind during the pig races. We could have gone home immediately after, and she’d have been like, “Worth it.” This was her face during the races:

Mama. Holy moly.

She has not stopped reenacting the pig races, complete with the starting call of “Sooo-eeee!”

Anyway, we didn’t go home then, but instead grabbed some food. After we ate, Leslie and her family went on a tractor ride, while Annie and I started in on the main event: pumpkin picking.

picking pumpkins

picking pumpkins

want dis one

I let her pick out a couple big pumpkins, then we went to the smaller patch of sugar pumpkins.

walking through the sunflowers to the sugar pumpkin patch

The sugar pumpkins had two scarecrows guarding them, and Annie thought they were the most amazing things ever.

he's funny!

it's a girl scarecrow!

I was grabbing a few sugar pumpkins when a woman came over to me and said, “It’s so cute how your daughter keeps hugging that scarecrow!”

she LOVED this scarecrow

That’s my kid! Hugging…scarecrows.

Me: Annie, how about you come give me a hug?!
Annie: *all body language*

picking sugar pumpkins


When it was time to pay for our bounty, we wheeled through the checkout where Annie spotted a Halloween-themed book and went berserk. I bought it for her because I always want her to go berserk over books. She then sat there “reading” the book for the next few minutes while we waited for Leslie and Matt to be helped.

book worm

I also bought it because I knew it would make her sit still – a gift to me!

I think we’ll head back to the farm a few more times before Halloween. There are lots of things left to do, but mostly I have GOT to get a video of Annie watching the pig race. Comedy gold.