I woke up to a little voice saying, “Maaaaama…wake up! It’s your birfday! You got pwesants!” She helped me open my gifts and then she sang me “Happy Birthday” four times. It got better with each subsequent performance.

After I opened presents I read the post Mike wrote for me while he and Annie made me a yummy breakfast. Once we stuffed ourselves it was time for a dance party. We did a lot of happy jumping in honor of my birthday.

jumping for joy

Eventually it was time for dinner. We met my parents, aunt, cousin, and her boyfriend at one of those fun places where they cook in front of you. Annie was…suspicious.

watching him cook

Then the chef lit stuff on fire and she was totally shocked.

fire scawy!

Of course, after the fire was over, she was like, “Again! More fire!” She eventually got some more when our waitress came over with a candle and a birthday song. Annie helped me blow out my candle.

blow out candles!

We all went back to our house after dinner, where a cake and more presents awaited me. Luckily, Annie was on hand again to selflessly help me blow out my candles.

blow out candles

love my girl

She only had eyes for cake.

It was a fabulous day, the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. Thank you to my wonderful family for celebrating with me, and especially thanks to my wonderful hubby Mike for starting everything off on the right foot.

But biggest thanks to my best girl for “sharing” my birthday.

33rd birthday

(can you believe how little she was two years ago? OMG.)

my birthday present is her snuggles