On Sunday, Annie hit the half-way point for her year. She’s now two and a half. Two and a half!!!

two and a half

weight: 32 pounds 4 ounces
height: 37 inches
head: 20.25 inches
hair: long and luscious

(month onemonth twomonth threemonth fourmonth fivemonth sixmonth sevenmonth eightmonth ninemonth tenmonth elevenmonth twelvemonth fifteen, month eighteen, month twenty four)

I was looking at the last monthly update, and I am just rocked by how different she is in only six months. She speaks in full sentences and has full conversations with us. She’s always talking, or singing, or moving. To get from Point A to Point B, she runs. She tells jokes. She knows the words to her favorite songs. She even makes up her own songs. She is awesome.


My favorite new development is the role-playing, as Mike mentioned yesterday. Sometimes she assigns us character names we’ve all heard of, and other times she gives jobs like doctor, mommy, or baseball player. “Mama, you are da cook.” “OK Annie, where’s my stove?” “Mama, use your magic-nation!” Magic-nation = imagination.

I'm diiiiiis big

She is also flexing her independence more than ever. She can be very stubborn. Independent + stubborn = crazy mama. Luckily, the very threat of a time out is enough to make her simmer down. I’ll enjoy that while it lasts.

As she grows taller, I’m starting to think she might literally outgrow her crib before she ever realizes she can climb out of it. I’m okay with her never discovering that skill, but converting her crib into a regular bed is going to be the second-to-last straw of her babyhood. The last straw will be potty-training, which I fear I can no longer say she is too young for. I just have to mentally prepare. UGH.

I'm two and da half

I just want to bottle her up and keep her my baby forever.