I know I’m a broken record when it comes to talking about Maddie’s teething. I mean, I have been freaking talking about it since, oh, MAY. No one told me that teething NEVER ENDS. Holy cow. Maddie’s high fever has clearly been caused by the impending arrival of three top teeth. You can see them bulging in her gums. AND, just a few minutes ago, I saw that she has a new one on the bottom. It’s below her fang. If this trend keeps up the left side of her mouth will be white and sparking, while the right side will be all toothless and slack-jawed.

The teething has lead to sleepless nights for all of us. I only slept in 20 minute bursts last night. And, because it’s never just one thing, Maddie and I both have colds. Maddie’s coughing and congestion was bad enough to warrant a visit with Dr. Looove. Dr. Looove has an intern now, which meant that Maddie was examined twice. That did NOT go over well. She started screaming the second I took off her onesie, and it went downhill from there. The good news is that while her blood oxygen level wasn’t stellar (around 89-90), her x-ray actually showed some signs of improvement. So she doesn’t need hospitalization (YAY) or 24-hour oxygen (DOUBLE YAY!), just Tylenol for her cold and fever symptoms, and an oral steroid to give her lungs a boost.

I’m sick of writing about teething and colds! I really hope that this is Maddie’s last illness this winter. Of course, now that I’ve written that, I’m tempting fate. WHATEVER, FATE! I’m just sick of seeing this face:

so sad

Maddie is getting pretty good at picking up words and using them correctly. My mom (St. Grandma) went with us to see Dr. Looove (Maddie also needed a shot, so I needed moral support). St. Grandma and I were talking about the doctors, and we noticed Maddie was listening intently to us. “Maddie, can you say doctor? DOC-tor.” She looked at me…looked at me…looked at me…then opened her mouth and said, “Doc Tah.” And then she said it over and over, and on our way to get an x-ray we passed another MD in the practice and Maddie looked at him and said, “Doc Tah!”

She is a fricking genius.