It’s well established that Annie is Mike’s spitting image and I was merely the incubator. However, on the inside, that kid is all me. I’ve been reminded of this more and more lately as Annie has been saying some amazingly smart and charming things. Hahaha. No, it’s because she sings constantly, just like me. And, she remembers the words to every song she hears – just like me. I honestly don’t think there is a single song Mike knows all the words to. Seriously – even Beatles songs. On the flip side, I can only name like, twelve state capitals. I remember everything that isn’t important.

I realized yesterday that Annie’s favorite part of swim lessons isn’t being in the water. It’s the song break. When I was swimming with her a few days ago, she asked me constantly when it would be time to sing. “Annie, let’s practice holding onto the wall and kicking.” “No mama! Let’s sing songs now!” So far in swim class, she’s sang Wheels on the Bus, If You’re Happy and You Know It, and The Hokey Pokey. She’d heard Wheels on the Bus before, but the other two were new to her. Yet, she’s been singing all three on repeat, and not just tiny parts but entire verses.

She’s also repeating TV jingles and songs she hears me play on the radio. I guess this means I have to pay more attention to the songs I have on in the car now.

The best thing happened this morning, though. Annie and I were getting dressed, and I made up a little song about it. It was nonsensical and I changed the words and melody depending on what we were doing (putting on a skirt, or shirt, or diaper cover/underwear). The crazy thing was when it was my turn to get dressed, Annie started making up a song about what *I* was doing, making up the words and melody just like I had. I didn’t want to finish getting dressed, I wanted her to keep singing.

I don’t know, maybe this is normal toddler stuff, but it’s all new to me and it’s blowing my mind. Either way, I’m thinking that in between swim sessions (she can’t move onto the next level of swim lessons until she’s 2 1/2, at the end of July) I need to sign her up for some music classes. She clearly enjoys it and who knows, maybe she’ll demonstrate an affinity for something. Then maybe she’ll become some kind of superstar! I can sit back and watch the money and fame roll in, just like Dina and Lindsay Lohan. Wait. They’re probably bad examples.


Only twelve and a half years until she can audition for American Idol!