Yeah, there are the typical sucky things like worrying and seeing your sweet baby so miserable, but these are the other crummy things about having a sick child.

1. Babies who are massively stuffed-up snore. This is only made worse when your husband ALSO snores.

2. Medication that says “may cause diarrhea.”

3. Changing a sick baby’s diaper (see number 2).

4. Becoming the crazy mom who wipes their baby’s runny nose with a bare hand.

5. The doctor’s office has “Planet Earth” playing on a loop, yet you always are in the waiting room during the upsetting scene where a wolf is chasing a baby goat.

6. You get on a first-name basis with the pharmacist.

7. The terrifying fear that your husband might be the next baby to get sick.

8. Retail therapy involves kleenex, diaper rash cream, and foods that don’t stain when they come back up.

9. Two words: Rectal Thermometer

10. How completely helpless you feel when your sick baby looks up at you like, “mama, make it better.”

Thank goodness my sweet little girl is almost 100% again. She’s back to throwing stuff and climbing, and I almost miss my calm little cuddler.

Nah, having her better and into things is the greatest.