I think you guys all know by now that I am a semi-ridiculous person who doesn’t take much seriously. I mean, I have a one-sided rivalry with an 80-year-old college football analyst. Ridiculous. What’s that old quote, “I gotta laugh to keep from crying?” It pretty much sums me up.

I spent most of Saturday out of the house, so on Saturday night I sat down with the intention of getting caught up on the day’s news. After scanning the top stories on BuzzFeed and NPR, I looked at what was trending on Twitter. Donald Trump was the #1 trending topic, so I clicked on his name to see what the latest was with him. And that’s when I saw it:

Donald Trump blocked me.

Donald Trump had blocked me on Twitter.

I mainly use Twitter for three things these days: to see what’s trending, to spam out links to my blog posts, and to interact with people during live events. Twitter during live events is my favorite – it becomes a hilarious community during ridiculous events like awards shows, sports playoffs, and Sharknados. I realized that the last time I’d actively tweeted was during the televised Republican Presidential Debate.

I wasn’t really on my game the night of the debate. Frankly, I’m already sick of this stupid election and it’s still fifteen months away. Seeing the candidates (on both sides) act like idiots is embarrassing. I knew the debate would be a bit of a mess, because with ten candidates vying for attention, how could it not be? But I watched it anyway because I knew that, at the very least, Twitter would be entertaining.

As the debate progressed, I found myself getting irritated by Donald Trump. To be fair, he was already at the bottom of my list after his gross remarks about Mexicans and John McCain, but I was really pushed over the edge by the way he sneered at Megyn Kelly.

Not a tweet I am particularly proud of…if I’d thought about it for a moment, I’m certain I could have come up with a better word than repulsive. Loathsome…pugnacious…wretched. All excellent alternatives.

I’m no Nancy Drew, but I have to think this is probably why he blocked me from seeing his super-important tweets (or maybe he found out I have him on a secret Twitter list called, “LOL.”).

This is…really absurd. I didn’t even tag Trump in that tweet, which means someone in his camp actually took the time to search through tweets about him. But it’s also a little alarming. If Trump can’t handle a random woman in California tweeting that he’s repulsive, what’s he going to do when Vladimir Putin makes him mad?