I said the other day that on a scale of 1-10, Annabel’s attitude was at “teenager.” And while it was a joke, it also wasn’t. The kid  can be so moody. Last week, I literally looked at her with a funny face and she screamed “NO!” and ran to her room and slammed the door. If I ask her to give me back the phone or remote or whatever “off-limits” toy she has somehow managed to get her hands on, she’ll throw it at me. OH and she learned the word “ow,” so if I go to hold her hand in public she screams “OWWWWW,” getting the attention of everyone within a three-mile radius.

It’s incidents like these that make me wonder if chewing up my birth control pills will make them more effective.

Living with PMS Toddler can be tiring. Mike is the sweet Daddy that wants to do whatever it takes to make Annie happy. I obviously want Annie to be happy but I am NOT going to be a pushover with her attitudes. So when she shoves Happy Baby, Sad Baby at me to read for the fifth time in ten minutes, I say no. Then I get the lip. UGH. I just read it four times!

The kid and toddler sites I read all say Annie “is going through a developmental spurt” or something (hee, spurt), and the temper stuff is normal. For the longest time the only thing I saw her developing WAS a temper. Forget the Terrible Twos. Annie is in the Terrorizing Twenty (Months).

Finally, FINALLY, I’ve noticed these bursts of awesomeness. Like when she picked up a certain article of my clothing and said, “Mama, dis on…peeeease!” So I obliged:

Yep. That's my bra.

Or when we were at my friend’s house and right when I was about to pull her away from touching buttons on the oven, she said, “Fee! Four!” then pressed the three and four buttons.

Playing with THE OVEN.

And then she does THIS and I’m like, “You are seriously a delight! I want 87 more just like you.”

But then this happens:

Tantrum...TO THE MAX!

…and I’m back to chewing up my birth control and washing it down with Maalox.

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