It’s a weird thing to say that you feel lucky when something awful happens, but I do feel lucky. All of your kind words, prayers, and wishes mean so much to my family. It’s still just unfathomable that this has happened…and yet, we already know how quickly the rug can be pulled out from under you. I am comforted by the love you continue to show my family, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My grandmother died eight years ago this past week, and I was remembering how I coped with what was, at that point, one of the biggest losses of my life. I didn’t really know HOW to deal, and so I spent a lot of time walking. And usually, I walked over to the mall near my office (Media City Center for you locals). I would go to the makeup counter and have someone do my makeup, and it really was such a mood booster. Something about a person fawning over you, telling you your best features and all that. Since then, whenever I have a bad day I will go to a makeup counter.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling really depressed and decided I would make a trip to the MAC Cosmetics counter. There is a guy at my favorite counter that I was really hoping was working (he always makes me feel pretty). Then I looked in the mirror and saw three pimples the size of Texas. The makeup counter just would not do. Mike reminded me that I had three birthday gift cards to my favorite store, Anthropologie. Nothing like subsidized retail therapy! I loaded Annie into the stroller and off we went.

As I shopped, I grabbed every little thing that looked pretty or sparkly or frivolous. I cared less about buying and more about getting some fresh air and improving my mood. Everything was going fine and then a miracle happened – the store stylist came up to me in the dressing room and asked me if I needed any help. I had a PROFESSIONAL STYLIST offer to PICK OUT CLOTHES for me. Never in my life has anything like this happened. So I said, “HELL YES” and she ran off to fetch me things she thought would look good. My mood immediately improved.

I started to try on the first round of items when Annabel started whimpering. I offered her some food but she pushed it away, so I turned her stroller so she could see herself in the mirror. That satisfied her, so I continued my try-on spree, wondering if this is what it’s like to be Kim Kardashian.

And then, when I was in only my underwear and bra, Annabel Lost. Her. Mind. She had a full-on screaming gasping fit. So I grabbed her and started soothing her, hopping around in my dressing room trying to calm her. The adorable store stylist chose to knock on the door right when I said to Annie “come on, shush!” The stylist just heard “come in” and walked right in on a mostly naked me and a red faced angry Annabel. That poor girl is scarred for life.

Eventually (after what felt like hours) Annie passed out. I set her down on the bench in the dressing room so I could fan myself (I have hot flashes all the time), and she stayed asleep. I went to grab the dress I’d worn to the store…and then realized she was sleeping on it.


So I did what any other normal woman would do, and I tried on clothes as fast as I possibly could.

This sleep lasted long enough for me to take off the above outfit and then put on a new one – a cute top I liked, and a pair of pants to wear with it since I’d worn a dress into the store. As soon as I had this outfit on, Annie woke up. I scooped her up and walked out of my dressing room to show the stylist. She and the other workers made their comments, and then Annie coughed, burped, and spit up all over the jeans I had on. The jeans I had no intention of buying because they would use up almost all of my gift certificates. I laughed weakly and said, “I guess I have to buy these now, huh?” and all the girls looked at me and said, “yeah.”

At least they fit.