Annie has asked every day for the last two weeks, “Do I get to trick or treat today?” So when she asked me yesterday morning and I said yes, she flipped out. She immediately asked to put on her costume, and then bounced around our house all day like a ping-pong ball.

“I’m trick or treating today! I’m gonna get candy! I am a witch! I love Halloween! Can I trick or treat yet? Now? Now? Now?”

It was a really long day.

Eventually, my mom and aunt came over (my dad stayed home to hand out candy) to see Annie and hand out candy while we walked her through the neighborhood. Annie was so jazzed.

Annie Witch
Ready, Mama!

Annie Witch and Daddy
My witch and warlock

Annie Witch and Mama
My witch and me

Then we were off! I honestly expected her to make it to a couple of houses and then be done. Even though she is older and we’d been practicing, I expected her to be freaked out a bit, just like last year. And unfortunately, I was right. She and Mike made it halfway up our next-door neighbor’s driveway before she stopped and ran back to the sidewalk. We decided not to push it, and took her back home where, of course, she was happy to trick or treat from Gramma.

practicing at our house

I'm gonna wing da doorbell!

getting candy from gramma

After seeing how much fun she had trick or treating at our house, we asked her if she wanted to go to other houses. “No. I’m scared.” So instead, we handed out candy.

handing out candy

handing out candy to the kids

waiting for kids

She loved handing out candy. Like, when she heard kids walking up our driveway she’d shriek with glee. On the flip side, the kids loved getting candy from Annie and glow sticks from me (which, by the way, several other houses were handing out, THOSE COPY CATS).

After several batches of kids came to our door, something miraculous happened: Annie asked to follow them. “Can I trick or treat with the kids, daddy?” So Mike, my mom, and I grabbed her and off we went. The first house we went to ran out of candy right when they got to Annie (we had insane amounts of kids this year – quadruple what we had last year). The man at the door felt so bad he ran into his house and gave Annie his birthday balloon!

walking with Daddy

That was all Annie needed to completely get over her fear of going door to door.

trick or treating

I know, right?

waiting to say "trick or treat"

trick or treating

It was so funny watching her walk up to the doors with the birthday balloon. Several people told her “happy birthday” which completely confused her but cracked me up.

I also had that moment where I realized she had just grown up a little right in front of me, and I got a bit choked up. She was scared, but overcame it. I loved hearing her say, “Trick or treat!” and “Thank you!” without any prodding. I love my girl.

When we got home, she told my aunt all about going to the houses, and then said, “I’m so happy! Can I have some candy?”

eating her bounty

As the trick-or-treaters started to trickle off, Annie suddenly realized that Halloween was drawing to an end…and she wasn’t happy about it:

time for bed