Yesterday, I said James is the greatest, and that’s definitely true. I’ve been so lucky in the baby department, all my kids are awesome. But real talk: he is crap in the overnight sleep department. He had a glorious stretch a couple of months ago where he slept through the night, but clearly that was a fluke. I am reaching my breaking point here.

It’s totally my fault. When he started waking during the night after his all-night sleep sessions, I made a rookie mistake and started feeding him. I told myself he was teething and needed the comfort. But he didn’t need the food, and now I’ve basically trained him to expect food in the middle of the night and UGH.

So, now I’m starting with the sleep training all over again. Two factors make this much more difficult than it ever was in the past with the girls. The first is when I was sleep training the girls, I didn’t have to worry about either of them waking up another sibling. If James wakes up Annabel, it is over. The second is for some reason, he hates his crib at night. He sleeps in his crib with no problems whatsoever during the day, but the moment his head hits the pillow when the sun is down he flips out (flipping out for James is, you know, whining a little and making perturbed noises). I can’t figure it out.

In the meantime, no one is sleeping well (except Annabel, thank goodness). I’m sure we went through this same thing when she was his age, but I have effectively blocked it out. I don’t want him to cry it out – considering he never sobs, it would destroy me to let him get to that point. But he does still cry if I don’t eventually feed him, even if I’m patting his back or physically rocking him. Sometimes I will go into his room six or seven times to comfort him over a two-hour stretch, and I finally give in and feed him because I am. so. tired.

I guess I’m going to try weaning him…letting him eat for shorter periods of time until he remembers that he weighs almost nineteen pounds and won’t starve if he goes eight hours without eating. I mean, this kid slept better when he was a newborn. I’ve created a monster! A freaking adorable, sleep-sucking monster.



Sleeeeeep. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.