Annie finally figured out what she wanted to be for Halloween:

Sue Sylvester

She’s Sue Sylvester, of course.

She wasn’t impressed with Mike or me. We went as members of the Glee Club New Directions:

The Glee Club is pathetic!
We are TOTALLY going to Nationals this year!

Halloween was fun. This year my nephews and niece joined our usual crew. For the pictures, I put Annie in her Toy Story costume so she would match my friend Tara’s kids and my nephew.

Transformer, bee, Indiana Jones, Princess, Kermit the Frog, Woody, Jessie, Alien, Tinkerbell

She did not like that costume.

It was sweet to see Annie and Michaela together:

Annabel and Michaela

But I loved seeing Madeline’s friends love on Annie the way they did with Maddie two years ago:

Dominique, Reilly, Annabel, and Meghan

the kids

We did a little bit of trick or treating, it was more fun for me to watch the older kids get excited than to carry Annie to a front door to get candy. So I hung back and watched them all squeal with joy, and it was wonderful and bittersweet.

And, Mike already ate all of the little bit of candy I managed to procure for Annie’s awesome costume. He’s so busted.