We have exactly three boxes, two garbage bags, and four re-usable shopping bags packed. To be fair, we’ve thrown away a TON of stuff. I am determined to go to the new house with as little junk as possible. The problem is I am a hoarder and I don’t think anything is junk.

“This could be a gift!”

“Oh, Annie will play with that!”

“Vests will totally come back into style again!”

Mike has talked me off the ledge. I just cannot in good conscience throw away something that is in good condition when I know someone else could use it. I really want to have an epic garage sale, but something tells me moving into a new neighborhood and then having a garage sale wouldn’t exactly endear us to the new neighbors. Goodwill is going to get some massive donations from us in a few weeks.

On the flip side, I have absolutely NO problem getting rid of our college-holdout mismatched furniture.  I am so anxious to finally have a matching bedroom set. Mike has sensibly pointed out that if we don’t bring our dressers and the like, we will have no furniture other than our bed – which is just your basic frameless bed. I personally don’t see anything wrong with only bringing the bed until Mike reminds me that we need a place for the TV. He knows my weakness.

The good thing is that Annie’s room is complete and perfect. We’ll repaint the walls in her room (to a violet shade, of course) but then she’ll basically be all set. The guest room will be filled with furniture my parents have generously been storing since I moved to New York City eight years ago. I’m sure they are thrilled I’m finally taking all that off their hands.

I’ve been looking for lots of do-it-yourself ideas for storage, laundry space (our machines will go in the garage), and home office. If any of you have great resources for this sort of thing, please pass them on. Seriously! I might have to blow my reputation and get crafty on you all. Watch out, if this is successful, I might start cooking.

I know, now I’m just talking crazy.

I had finally resigned myself to the fact that for a while, we’re going to have a lot of makeshift stuff – folding tables for desks, a deconstructed sectional couch, etc. We’re moving from a two-bedroom place into a house, and it’s normal to take a while to fill it all up. And I want to do it right. But I have no patience. AGH!

And then, we saw a commercial on TV for a contest being held by a local furniture chain. All we had to do to enter is submit a video of us singing the company’s jingle. The video with the most views by May 18th at 9pm Eastern will win – wait for it – TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS IN FURNITURE. Places 2-20 also walk away with some pretty cool furniture prizes. There are some pretty awesome entries, but we figured it was still worth a try. And by we, I mean Annie and Rigby.

Behold, 37 seconds of awesomeness:

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

And you know, if you like it, pass it onto your friends, and tell them to each watch it 87 times. At the very least, we can buy a rug for Annie’s room! And that will make me happy.

You all are amazing.