The other night, Mike and I were watching Friends, as we are wont to do. As we were sitting there, Mike suddenly started laughing and then he said, “And that is why Ross is my favorite Friend.”

Record. Scratch.

Sure, Ross has his funny moments. But is he worthy of being someone’s favorite? It’s like everything I knew about Mike was a lie. I mean, Ross? Seriously?

It used to be that before you got married, you had to answer questions that hinted toward your compatibility. When you said your vows, you knew your spouse’s blood type, if s/he wanted kids, and if you shared the same religious beliefs. Those are important questions. But there are other important questions that should be asked long before you put a ring on it. For example:

1. Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

I am a smooth lady, but Mike likes crunch (Rigby likes whatever she can get her paws on).

2. What brand of toothpaste do you use?

I think gel toothpaste is of the devil but Mike loves it.

3. Do you need silence at night, or do you sleep with the TV on?

Mike prefers silence, but the insomniac in me must have something mindless on the TV.

4. Do you sing at concerts?

I think we all remember which sides Mike and I are on with this one.

5. Who is your favorite Friend?

It’s not that there are right answers to these questions…but there are definitely wrong answers. Like saying Ross is your favorite Friend. I mean, who ARE you, Mike Spohr?

I suppose it could be worse…he could not like Friends reruns at all.

I’m going to keep adding on to this list of questions one should ask a potential partner. James and Annabel need to be well prepared!