Last weekend I spent fifty hard-earned dollars on one toy for Maddie. This isn’t something I do very often, especially given the fickle nature of my child. The last time I spent over fifty bucks it was on a bouncer saucer jumper thingy, and she loved it for approximately three days. So even if Maddie suddenly decides she doesn’t like this new toy, she’s already liked it longer than the bouncer so it feels like a victory.

So we got her a car. A push car.

We have dubbed it the “Moozer Cruiser.”

It’s basically made the stroller useless. If I put her in the stroller, she screams and freaks out. If I put her in the car? Well, I get this face with hand claps and squeals of joy.

clapping with joy

So when we have to run errands around the neighborhood (grocery store, pharmacy, etc), into the car she goes. I love watching other people’s reactions to her when we pass them. She smiles and waves and says “HIIIIIIIII!” to everyone we pass. It’s priceless.

Hey there, going my way?

She’s seriously a crack up on this thing. (And, I am NOT running when I push her in this video. It’s a camera trick!)