I was talking with another mom yesterday about our summers. She was telling me all the fun things she’d done with her daughter, and the whole time I was thinking, “Oh, that sounds fun. Oh, Annabel would love that. Oh, I should take her to do that this summer.” And then I realized that Annie is starting school in two weeks, so summer is basically over. How did that happen?!

Obviously, having a baby is what happened, but I still feel like I’m caught in a time warp. Somehow, it’s been almost twelve weeks since James was born. I have no idea how that much time has passed. I’ve felt one step behind on everything, and my memory is terrible. There are some things that happened over the last twelve weeks that, if it were not for the blog posts, I would have no recollection of them happening. That’s a little scary when I think about it.

It’s no newsflash that two kids are more work than one, but for some reason I was not anticipating how tired I would be. I guess I’d forgotten how exhausting new babies are. James is the easiest of my three babies, but a baby plus a three-year-old plus working at night after everyone goes to sleep is definitely not the best way to get the rest my brain needs.

I’d wanted to do so many things with Annabel this summer, but it’s not like she was ignored. She had eight weeks of swim lessons, play dates and birthday parties, and a trip to the fair. She had to spend more time inside than she probably wanted, and some days our fun activity was going to the drive-through Starbucks, but I tried to make it fun.

When Annie starts school after Labor Day, we’ll finally settle into our routine. I’m hopeful that the New Mom Fog will lift and my brain will start functioning more like I want it to. It seems a bit like a lost summer, but it was still one of the best summers of my life because I got to spend it with these two:

best buddies

What are their names again?