We had a WEEKEND.

Annabel’s pneumonia didn’t react to the antibiotics. Her fever rose every day, and she couldn’t keep anything down. So on Saturday we headed off to the weekend Urgent Care at Dr. Looove’s office.

Sitting in the waiting room, I of course remembered the trips to the urgent care I took with Maddie. I kept reminding myself that things were different. It also “helped” that Annie cried the whole time we were in the waiting room. I spent the majority of our time there trying to comfort my poor Bel.

The weekend doc was equally concerned over Annie’s condition, and ordered more x-rays. Holding Annie still in precisely the right place for the x-rays was almost impossible. She was crying and wiggling and looking at us with big “why are you doing this to me?!” eyes. It was miserable for all of us.

While we waited for the x-ray results the nurse measured Annie’s pulse ox. Annie was (of course) crying during the measurement (which was taken through her foot with a painless sensor, but Drama Annie voiced her displeasure nonetheless) and it came out in the 90s. Thank goodness!

Weekend Doc eventually returned with the results of her x-ray: no improvement from her previous x-ray. But, on the bright side, it wasn’t a WORSE scan! Cup half-full and all that. Weekend Doc decided to give Annie an antibiotic shot as a kick-start, and an additional antibiotic to add to the arsenal.

Oh, and the shot? Was in her BUTT. And she was sleeping when she got it. I’m sure you can imagine how fun THAT was for her (and us). Poor baby.

Since the shot Annie has done a LOT of fitful sleeping. Mike, Rigby, and I are very tired. The good news is that Annie’s fever finally broke on Sunday! I am so relieved. She has seemed SO much more comfortable and has even been up to playing with her toys and, most importantly, eating!

We have another appointment scheduled for Tuesday, where Annabel will have more chest x-rays. Fingers crossed she continues to improve… I can’t handle too many more days of my stress level being at 100.