Maddie had a weigh-in today. The last time she was weighed, she tipped the scales at 12 pounds, 15 ounces. Her weight today, five weeks later?

Twelve pounds, 15 ounces. She didn’t gain a single ounce.

The good news is that she DID grow an inch in height, and her head circumference went up three more centimeters. Remember when I said she was a bobblehead? Well, now she really, REALLY is.

Mike is more up on all the details of the appointment. Once the doctor said Maddie was going to have to see a nutritionist, I went to my happy place. I started thinking about Maddie’s entourage. She has her manager (me). Her bodyguard (Mike). Her tiny white dog (Rigby). A dedicated team of groupies (her grandparents, aunts, and uncles), plus doctors, nurses, and worldwide fans. Now she’s adding a nutritionist, and soon she’ll have a physical therapist – and seriously, physical therapists are like personal trainers.

It then occurred to me that Maddie’s entourage prepares her perfectly for Hollywood. And, being tall and thin with a giant head, she’s totally got the right physique. So tonight I took her out to a premiere, where she was a hit with the photographers. She’ll be a TV star in no time.

Hollywood Maddie

So, hey Darren Star! When you’re looking for a lead actress for the New New 90210 in 10-15 years, I have your New New Brenda!!! Isn’t she gorgeous and not at ALL frighteningly thin?