Annie woke up totally excited to get on the airplane, which was no surprise. During our entire drive to the airport (including our detour to the medical lab for my blood tests), she kept saying, “We’re going to the airport! We’re going on an air-o-plane!” Over, and over, and over.

We parked our car at a place right next to the airport runway, up on the roof because it’s significantly cheaper. As we were unloading our suitcases and Annie’s car seat, a plane flew low above us, about to land. Mike said, “Annie, look! A plane!” She looked up at the plane roaring overhead and got extremely still. “Mama…I don’t want to go on the air-o-plane.”

Mike and I said things like, “But the airplane is fun! You’ve been on lots of them! We’re going to see your cousins!” But she wanted nothing to do with it. “I want to go in Dada’s car.” So we tried to convince her that the plane was just a big bus. That worked for a while…until it was time to board the plane.

ready to fly
Her own ticket

She said she wanted to walk on herself, like a big girl…so Mike held her hand and on we walked.

She has a death grip on her doll.

Luckily, as we walked down the aisle of the plane everyone was incredibly nice. Passengers and flight attendants were saying hello, asking her name, giving her high fives. She had a huge grin on her face by the time we reached our seats. She then asked me to buckle herself and her doll, Lola, into her seat.

Annie and Lola buckled in

on the plane

Apparently, a little attention was all it took. She did great on the flight. My mom gave her a little princess coloring thing that did a great job of keeping her occupied.

coloring on the plane

After we landed, she was very excited to stretch her legs:

running at the airport

And then she was very good about staying close to me while Mike got our luggage:

waiting for our suitcases

I did okay on the plane. The blood draw in the morning put me at a bit of a disadvantage, but you know, I just had to power through (everyone is going to get sick of me saying that). I sipped on a fruit smoothie and grabbed every barf bag within a five row radius, but luckily I didn’t need to use any of them on the plane. After the plane…maybe.

When we got to Mike’s parents’ house, I was absolutely wrecked. Luckily, I had a sweet little buddy to cuddle with me on the couch.

cuddled on the couch

She has a way of making everything better.