I am running out of gas with this Halloween crafting, you guys. I think maybe it’s because Halloween is in a week and I’m pretty happy with how my house looks. I did have a few ideas that I didn’t try because they were scary/creepy, and I can’t completely terrify Annabel. Not until she’s at least four.

So, this last thing I made was really easy/basic, but Mike and I had fun with it. I based it off of something I’d made us a few months ago. I was cruising pinterest and saw a bunch of people repinning a personalized date print – very cute, but since we (hopefully) aren’t done adding to our family, I didn’t want to make that. So instead I made a subway sign (The Spohr Line) with streets we’ve lived on. The first two streets listed were where we grew up, the next two were streets we lived on when we attended USC, and the last two are the streets we’ve lived on as a family. It hangs on the wall outside our kitchen, and it’s cute but not very Halloween. So I made a Halloween-themed subway sign.

fright line

Then I made…several more…because I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most.

halloween loop eerie express
trick or treat trail amityville line

It was fun thinking of Halloween-themed streets. Mike suggested I make one that was a little more kid-friendly, and then we both had fun remembering famous locations from horror movies.

The frame I have it hanging in is 16×20, which is larger than what my printer can handle. I had Kinko’s print out the original Spohr Line sign (cheap, easy, great quality – they’ve even printed some poster-sized photos for me), but for this Halloween one I printed it at home over four pieces of paper, then taped it together. You can’t even tell unless you get really close to the frame.

fright line on the wall

fright line on the wall

The entire time I was changing out the print, Little Miss Question asked me “Mama, what you doing?”

fright line on the wall, with annie and rapunzel

Between this, the felt pumpkin, the wreaths, the glam pumpkins, and prepping for our Halloween costumes, I am officially done with being crafty for Halloween. I will now commence eating candy.