One of the best things about our weekend away was seeing our nephews and niece. My nephews are five and three, and my niece is only four months older than Annabel. This was the first opportunity for the kids to all really interact. They came down to visit ten days after Annie was born, but the boys stayed away from her since she was so new. We DID get a picture of the girls together during that visit, and wowza:

Annie looks like an old lady who spent too much time at the tanning salon! GTL!

Now they look like this:

looking at daddy/uncle mike

Michaela and Annabel

What a difference three months make!

Yesterday we took all the kids to a San Francisco Giants game.

my nephews and niece

Spencer is in little league and was very interested in seeing the players up close:


Danny was more interested in getting dirty:


Michaela was more interested in her pacifier:


and Annie wasn’t interested at all:

napping in the bjorn

The boys LOVE the girls – they whole weekend they kept coming over to give both of them kisses (I knew Spencer would be like that, he adored Madeline). I hope they always get along. Sure, there will be some years in there where the boys’ age difference will matter to them, or girls will be gross. But long-term, I hope they are friends. Michaela and Annabel are so close in age that I’m sure they’ll get along famously, although age doesn’t always matter – my cousin Leah is four years younger than me and she is one of my best friends.

With hundreds of miles separating the kids, we’re going to have to work hard to make sure they are relevant in each other’s lives. With the boys hitting school age, the trips won’t be as long or frequent. We’ll have to figure out other ways to keep them close while distance keeps them apart.