Mike’s sister Monica and her family moved into a new house last month. A new house that is only twenty minutes away from us!!! Our brother-in-law got a job here in LA, and that meant the whole brood relocated to our turf. We are thrilled to have them so close to us now.

Because they’re just a short drive away, it means we can now be there for important events like birthday parties. This past weekend our nephew Spencer turned six, and there was a large shenanigan in his backyard, complete with a bounce house, 87 tons of sugar, and a…presentation…by a company called Reptactular Animals.

Yes. Fifteen Kindergartners with every kind of reptile you can imagine.

lizard boy


boa necklace

It was so awesome how INTO it the little girls were. Even my 14 month old niece!

Tough Michaela

The little boys on the other hand (with the exception of Spencer), had NO attention span. At the end of the presentation, seven little girls and Spencer held a 30-foot snake. I was cracking up.

Annabel was kinda into it. We didn’t let her touch anything because girlfriend is NOT gentle. But she had definite opinions about the different animals.

Hi reptile guy!

her opinion on frogs.

Hell. No.

After Spencer blew out his candles, the party ended.

blowing out the candles

And that meant that the bounce house was open to the rest of us.

Happiest day ever

We also let the little girls into the bounce house, and they had a blast crawling around…

crawling around

…and attacking Mike.

attacking the giant

It is going to be so much fun having them here. I’m looking forward to many more pictures like this: