Yesterday Annie started round two of swim lessons (or as she calls them, POOOOOOOL LESSSSSSONNNNNNS!). Unlike last time, when she was in a Parent/Child class, these lessons were strictly student/teacher. Mike was nervous, for a few reasons: he thought she’d drown, he thought she wouldn’t be happy about being in the pool without us, he thought she wouldn’t even get in the pool. I was more worried that she’d have a great first day, and then hate it the rest of the time but it would be too late for a refund. So far, we are each about half-right.

We got to the pool after a cranky car ride. Lessons are at 4:15, and that’s the witching hour for Annie. Her naps are few and far between now, but she has quiet time in the hours leading up to dinner. When we pulled into the parking lot she suddenly realized why she had her swim suit on, and got really excited. That excitement tapered off fairly quickly when she discovered Mike and I weren’t going in the pool with her. Luckily, her teacher said, “Hey Annabel, want to pick out a toy to swim with?” Annie was putty in her hands after that.

picking out a toy

She did really great. The only time she looked for us was to make sure we were watching her swim. She had tons of confidence with her bubbles, kicks, and floats.

blowing bubbles



She was a pretty good listener, especially when you realize she is the youngest kid in her class. She’s also strangely over-confident when it comes to swimming, which both baffles me and confirms that signing her up for swim lessons was the right decision. I think she just wants to be able to swim so badly that she becomes fearless. There are three kids to a teacher (although yesterday, for some reason, there were four), so while the teacher spun one kid around, the other three were supposed to sit on the steps. Annie was good at that 90% of the time. The rest of the time, she kept inching closer and closer to the deeper steps. As her parent, it was hard for me to sit there and watch her go deeper – do you holler at her to come back to the shallow steps, or let the teacher do her job? I kept my mouth shut, and sure enough, Annie inched too far and went in too deep. The water came up over her nose and she started kicking and her eyes got so wide. Of course, the teacher and the extra life guard assigned to her group yanked her up within seconds. Did it teach her a lesson? Hard to say…she didn’t do it again yesterday, but we’ll see how she does today.

Meanwhile, Mike had about 187 heart attacks.




The class yesterday ended with three kids piled onto a floating foam thing for rides around the pool. Annie thought it was seriously the best thing ever.

on the board

I love this

She cried when it was time to leave, so I think she’s going to do just fine with these lessons. Look out, 2028 Olympics!